WATCH: Father fights off gunman while holding his 7-month-old baby

A Detroit man has been arrested in connection with a Father’s Day incident in which a man holding a baby was able to fight off a man with a gun.

The name of the person arrested in the case was not released, but Detroit police announced the arrest in a tweet.

"An arrest has been made for the aggravated assault yesterday evening at the Valero Gas Station at Hubbell/Tireman," police tweeted. "The 2nd Precinct would like to thank our community for providing information which led us to taking this individual into custody."

Surveillance video showed the incident, according to WXYZ-TV.

Adam Albarmaki was the gas station attendant on duty at the Valero gas station when the confrontation took place a little before 6 p.m. on Sunday.

"He was trying to hide somewhere," Albarmaki said of the man with the infant.

The video began with the exterior of the gas station, then cut to the interior, where a man is holding a baby as a man wearing a hat reached the doorway.

The man with the hat opened the door, reached into his shorts and pulled out a handgun.

The man holding the baby, who police said was 25 and the child’s father, reached out his left hand to push the man outside the gas station. He then locked the door.

The man with the hat then backed away from the door and left.

The baby did not appear to wake up during the incident.

"It's difficult to watch. I mean, it's just no regard for human life or for the life of a child," Detroit Police Commander Michael Chambers said.

“A seven-month-old child, it was disturbing, especially as a father, to see that happen on Father’s Day,” Chambers said, according to WDIV-TV.

Chambers said the father was also spared because the gun appeared to malfunction.

“Fortunately, the gun didn’t go off, it malfunctioned, and he was able to divert the gun and lock the door behind him,” Chambers said.

Police said the father of the child suffered an injury; a 911 dispatcher said the man reported being stabbed.

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