University will require even online students to show proof of vaccination

(100 PERCENT FEDUP) – University of Michigan’s far-left president Dr. Mark Schlissel has mandated that all students and staff members take the COVID jab before they step foot on his campus in the fall.

In a stunning letter to students and staff, the overreaching liberal president of the university informed them that they would need to be fully vaccinated by August 1st. This is the same university where students were given play-doh and coloring books to deal with their grief over President Trump’s 2016 election win.

In his notification to the students and staff, Dr. Schlissel states that even though 81% of students have received the COVID jab, 81% is not enough for him. He will not be satisfied until 100% of the mostly young people attending college, or those who have the least chance of becoming seriously ill with COVID, are fully vaccinated.

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