Ukraine: Money-laundering hub of the New World Order

By Shari Goodman

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine about three weeks ago, our corporate media has been cheering on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainians while demonizing Russia and Putin as another Hitler. What the media fail to cover and identify is the New World Order, or NWO, Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum and the role each played in provoking Russia in a much broader conflict between the New World Order and the nationalists.

Zelensky won the presidency in 2019 after being heavily bankrolled by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch by the name of Igor Kolomoiskly. Since his election, Zelensky has cleverly attempted to play the middle ground in a war between two superpowers.

In 2014, Ukraine's democratically elected president, Victor Yanukovych, was toppled by our CIA in favor of a puppet who would serve the New World Order's purpose for using the nation as a money-laundering hub.

Ukraine was hardly a democracy prior to the invasion. Opposition journalists are routinely jailed there. There is no freedom of the press in Ukraine. It is not by coincidence (and contrary to the paid for hire fact checkers) that the sons of Democrats in leadership positions (Biden, Pelosi, Kerry) either sat on the boards of energy companies in Ukraine or were doing business in Ukraine. When a new Ukrainian prosecutor, Kostiantyn Kulyk, opened an investigation into the business dealings of Burisma where Hunter Biden (with no energy experience) sat on the board, Joe Biden, as vice president, threatened to withhold financial aid to Ukraine and triumphantly bragged about it on camera. Imagine that! The very quid pro quo Democrats used to falsely charge President Trump is precisely what Biden is guilty of in Ukraine.

It is widely believed the now, which appears to control the European Union, NATO, the Crown and the U.N., was instrumental in toppling the regimes of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Gadhafi in Libya, the shipment of ammunition to ISIS in Syria in an effort to topple the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and the installment of Joe Biden here in the United States. Putin, who at one time attempted to work with the World Economic Forum, believed he was next in line. He suspected the NWO was using Ukraine as a proxy to create a color revolution in Russia while America was funding bioweapon labs with pathogens in Ukraine.

During the DNC's General Session a week ago, intellectually challenged Kamala Harris triggered the already anxiety-laden Putin and the entire Russian military when she implied that Ukraine was already in NATO by proclaiming, "I will say over and over again the U.S. stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO alliance."

Additionally, while the Biden administration at first denied the existence of biological weapon labs in Ukraine, Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland later admitted under oath in a congressional hearing that there were in fact 20 to 30 bio labs in and around Ukraine. We are to believe that these labs with dangerous pathogens were there for scientific study in a highly unstable country that just happens to share a border with a nuclear arch enemy of ours.

Interestingly, throughout this conflict our media has not mentioned the existence of a New World Order as envisioned by Klaus Schwab and the role they may be playing behind the scenes. It is unsettling that our entire source of information is dependent on six corporations engaged in censorship largely due to their participation in the NWO. The six corporations are News Corp, Time Warner, Comcast, Sony, Viacom and Disney. All are funded by two major hedge funds, BlackRock and Vanguard. While our media has kept Americans in the dark when it comes to the New World Order and the power behind the movement, it is vitally important for Americans to learn about this new ruling class, the billionaire oligarchy behind it, its ties to the World Economic Forum, The World Economic Global Institute, it's mission and the pivotal role it has played here at home and throughout the globe.

Klaus Schwab, a German economist, formed the WEF in 1971. Its mission is to erase national sovereignty as well as capitalism and replace it with a one-world centralized authoritarian communist government under the auspices of the billionaire oligarchy that meets in Davos yearly. Nearly every major political figure throughout the Western world in over 100 countries has graduated from the World Economic Forum's Global Institute (the likes of Justin Trudeau, Macron of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg, George Soros, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, among many others). In addition to the many global leaders, there have been nearly 20,000 Global Shapers placed throughout the world in positions of leadership in government, banking, education, corporations, the media and nearly all of our institutions. There are hundreds of Global Institute Hubs throughout the globe (one most likely near you) where Global Shapers are there to advance policies of a Communist global agenda. These shapers have not been elected to office, yet their policies, often at odds with the mores and values of the communities involved, are advanced and pushed upon an unsuspecting public.

As Schwab has openly stated, in his version of the future, "you will own nothing and be happy." The notion that our private property rights are in jeopardy is a frightening vision and at odds with the right to pursue a life of liberty as enshrined in our Constitution. There is no freedom without private property.

A few months prior the release of COVID-19 from the Wuhan lab in China, Karl Schwab and Bill Gates held a simulation of a worldwide pandemic at a symposium they termed Event 201, envisioning millions of lost lives and the opportunity for a Great Reset to follow. They proclaimed a pandemic would present for the New World Order the perfect set of circumstances to reset the globe's political and economic future by the year 2030.

Unfortunately for them, the virus proved to have a survivability of 99.8%, and now that the fear of COVID is no longer viable, masks are scientifically unworthy, and the need for lockdowns has been eliminated, the NWO has moved on to what they call Phase II of the Great Reset. By deliberately poking the Russian bear, the United States under the direction of the NWO has lit a match that has cost the lives of innocent Ukrainians and with it the possibility of igniting a worldwide nuclear World War III.

When a chorus of uni-party legislators (Lindsey Graham, Maria Elvira Salazar and many others) deliberately and callously call for the assassination of Putin and for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, they are not taking their talking points from a feeble Joe Biden. Instead, they are taking their marching orders from George Soros who has called for America's involvement in Ukraine as a call to war. It should be a warning to the rest of us. They are willing to sacrifice America in Phase II of the Great Reset in their quest for global dominance. Standing in opposition to them is another alliance consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

This is not the first totalitarian movement seeking global domination, but unlike other evil movements in past years, today's evil power grab carries the risk of global annihilation.

We would be wise to resist the call to war.

Shari Goodman is an activist, a journalist, and a red dot in a blue sea.

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