The problem: Biden’s border welcome mat

So! Who are you going to believe, me or your eyes? Or, as the Biden administration would say – "your lyin' eyes?"

The people in charge of this country – read that: the Democrats in Congress and the White House – are selling us out every day, and it is a situation that is almost beyond description. It gets worse every day.

You might call it a benign form of treason – though I wouldn't argue that.

The Biden administration let the world know that while they say the border isn't open, the truth of the matter is, it is wide open, and the people who want in to the United States are swarming in.

Have you seen the pictures from Texas? Thousands of people just crossing into the United States, and more are on the way!

What do they want? They want out of the poverty and degradation they endure in their home countries and want the kind of life we have – freedom.

I can't blame them for that desire but they do not have the right to just walk in and take it. And we are stupid for letting them do it.

We are told they are Haitians. In case you hadn't noticed, Haiti is an island nation. It is poverty stricken and politically in tatters – its president was recently assassinated.

So how did these thousands of refugees get to our border? While some may have recently come by boat, the bulk have been living in Central American countries (they do speak Spanish fluently; Haitians speak French) and have taken advantage of the Biden welcome. They may be poor, but they aren't stupid.

U.S. citizens, 35,000 in the Texas town of Del Rio, are at the mercy of the influx of migrants. Their life has been disrupted beyond anything they might ever have imagined, especially since their own government has done virtually nothing to help them.

Illegals there are being bussed and flown to El Paso, Laredo and other cities along the border. In addition, it's reported that fight are being scheduled to Tucson and other cities in the interior of the country. They are given notices to appear within 60 days at an immigration office to have their situation processed.

How many actually show up? Don't ask.

The latest problem facing the administration is the fact that the U.S. Border Patrol agents have used horses in dealing with the illegals crossing the border at the Rio Grande.

Hey, this is the West. This is Texas. The men on those horses didn't do anything to hurt the illegals. They did NOT use whips. They use reins to control their horses. That is how it is in the West Yet to hear the screams from Washington, you would think that those horses and riders used hate and discrimination against the migrants.

The White House called it "Horrible and horrific." The screams were that the Border Patrol used "whips" against the border crossers.

No, they didn't. They used their horse reins to control their animals against the situation they faced. They are not whips. That didn't matter to Washington. The use of horses was discontinued, and the horsemen in the Border Patrol are on leave and under investigation. These are people who know absolutely nothing about how horses are used for control and how their riders use their reins.

For what? That is beyond the pale and presents us with a problem we will need to face for the future.

As for our future, I can see us being held captive to the Democrats and their belief that anything the party does is good, and what the Republicans do is evil beyond all comprehension.

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