New York Times publishes gushing review of Biden’s $7,000 Rolex watch

(NATIONAL FILE) – In an article that some consider unbecoming of The Grey Lady, the New York Times published a glowing fashion review of Joe Biden’s decision to wear a $7,000 Rolex watch on his wrist during his inauguration.

The Times breathlessly notes, “At his inauguration, Mr. Biden laid his hand on the family Bible wearing a stainless steel Rolex Datejust watch with a blue dial, a model that retails for more than $7,000 and is a far cry from the Everyman timepieces that every president not named Trump has worn conspicuously in recent decades.”

The Times notes that most modern presidents have opted for watches their constituents might actually be able to afford, and have shied away from expensive watches that may signify a disconnect between the president and the people he supposedly represents. Instead of slamming Biden for his elitist choice in time pieces, the Times seemingly lauds Biden for taking the United States back to the 1950s and 1960s, when President Ike Eisenhower and President Lyndon B. Johnson wore expensive time pieces for their official portraits.

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