Joy Reid: ‘Christian nationalist’ Supreme Court ‘sided with the virus’

Joy Reid (video screencapture)

Joy Reid (video screencapture)

(SUMMIT NEWS) – The Supreme Court’s decision not to uphold Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for private businesses sparked anger and vitriol on the left, with MSNBC broadcasting programming declaring that the court has “sided with the virus” for not approving compulsory injections.

Joy Reid, yes her again, opened her broadcast by stating “the U.S. Supreme Court siding with the virus today by blocking the Biden administration’s rule requiring vaccine mandates for companies employing more than 100 people.”

She later added “I think they’re ideologues. I think they’re right-wing ideologues I think they’re sort of doing sort of a Christian Nationalist version of you know whatever it is the Supreme Court used to do.”

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