‘Home Alone 6’ is definitive proof that Hollywood has run out of ideas

(THE FEDERALIST) – In a year that has flown by, we’re not far from the holidays once again. Christmas services and door-to-door caroling are back. Among the holiday movies that run on repeat, “Home Alone,” from writer-producer John Hughes and director Chris Columbus, stands apart for its comedic charm and ultimately bighearted message.

Not long ago, this blockbuster 1990 family film received a limited run in theaters every December. Parents would bring young kids who had never seen it before, the room echoing with their laughter. Last Thanksgiving, my wife and I experienced a similar scene with our four-year-old nephew, when his parents let him see it for the first time.

He could not contain his delight as young Kevin bested pratfalling baddies Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern in scene after scene. “Mommy, I think those bad guys need to go to the hospital!” he said through fits of giggling. Somehow an overplayed kids movie, with deeper themes than you may recall, brings joy and creates a lasting holiday moment.

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