‘Death cult!’ Hollywood SHRIEKS over Texas opening up

(NEWS BUSTERS) – On March 2, coincidentally Texas Independence Day, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) announced that Texas is open 100 percent and the statewide mask mandate is over! Well, his joy was also over in about 0.2 seconds after Twitter celebrities, most of whom don’t even live in Texas, came after him feeling personally offended.

Abbott felt that Texas made enough progress and was on the right track regarding COVID. He was comfortable removing the state mask mandate and joining the 15 other states without them. Per usual in regard to conservative views, or a conservative leaning individual in general, Hollywood crazies opened their traps.

Celebrities and other Twitter blue checks mentioned how Abbott’s decision is “knowingly putting people’s lives in danger” and is supposedly “mass murder.” Some users even said his decision was “premature” and he was an “idiot.” Others said Texas just wants to "kill everybody" and "has decided to join the side of the virus."

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